Cloud of Wind recreates the experience of fabric shading a continuously changing field of sensation, rather than static object. A bamboo construction with light fabrics on top that softly move with the wind. We approach the design of the garden from the question of liberating the space and configuring a dynamic response that lets air through, like a fluid form in which mankind has no possible intervention. The space of the poles is dramatically vertical and static, but the fabrics atop evoke a changing and dynamic landscape that acts as a counterpoint. The ceiling of the garden is therefore conceived as an unpredictable cloud that swings with the wind. The soft sound of the fabrics is spontaneously originated from the integration with nature, and the resulting folly becomes a primitive but delicate skin that wraps up the place. As Toyo Ito writes, the installation becomes a “system that has no morphological expression itself and, being extremely simple, can emit different meanings”.

Collaboration with Miguel Guitart