Just Throw It!!!

2023 Architecture + Design Independent Projects supported by the New York State Council on the Arts and The Architectural League of New York.

some years ago.... Indo loves it.


Magenta is so cool.


Magenta PETG to PinkBar: “I complete you”




I am so scared...

Day 1

Go Wade go!!!

Monil and James.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Now I am confident that this will not pose any structural concern. Let’s  make a party!!!!

Day 6


Stick Snap Stack

Supported by Seoul Metropolitan Government, UB Architecture Department, UB SMART, and Ko & Song (JHKA+DIOINNO)


Installation photos from the  Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism  2021

Installation by one person....

Serendipity Forest
(A proposal for Songdo International Library competition in collaboration with JHK Architects +NARA PARK Landscape Design )


Level 2 Entry

L3 Event garden

Lobby and Childrens Material

L3 Auditorium

Envelope diagram

L3 Starlight Field Event Garden

L3 Bird eye view

L5 Observation Deck

3d walkthrough:


Collaboration with JHK Architects +NARA PARK Landscape Design

Ko House

햇빛이 가득한 집





VR design review: understanding the space with an immersive experience. 
(Sense of scale, orientation, opening size, orientations, etc.)

Team: Jin Young Song, Junghoon Ko (JHKA), Hali Sheriff, Nicole Sarmiento