(in progress)

-Commemorative Work for American Ideals and Values

Love is the outreach of self toward completion.
Ralph W. Sockman

The commitment and compassion of Peace Corps volunteers demonstrate the American ideals and values toward peace and reconciliation. The ordinary men and women have outreached to the world with open mind and clear vision. However, the sacrifice and contribution are often not immediately visible and not always measurable by numbers. That makes the commitment from the American people more like a journey completing who we are. Therefore,Outreach tries to capture the two sided nature of the noble action, commemorating the most satisfactory human experiences.

Outreach suggests reflective polished mirror finish walls towards all directions. From viewing from outside, it looks like walls, confusion and disturbance(view 2), but once viewers are inside of the field, it provides maximum views towards outside without any interruption(view 3). The reflection in-between open walls accepts the image of the outside worlds and also emit the image of self to the world.