Hotel Ascension received 2016 AZ Award of Merit

Hotel Ascension

Revitalization of Historical Buffalo’s Marine A Silo
The punctual process of revitalization of the Marine A Silo, located in the industrial heritage area of Silocity, gives a powerful opportunity to investigate the transformation of a single monumental building, as well as to suggest strategies that contribute to a larger vision of revitalization of the city of Buffalo. Hotel Ascension proposes to transform the vacant Marine A Silo into an innovative type of hotel, open both to short term temporary residents –writers, artists, musicians, thinkers– and local citizens. While the simple and monumental geometry provides uninterrupted vertical rooms that can be seen as a means of total retreat, with unlimited play of lights from the top to bottom, reverberation of sound and voice, the ground and top floors are intended as accumulators of public programs, that provide great views of the city.

The proposal deals with the development of an innovative program, as well as recognizes the fundamental role that efficient construction technology and management will pla into reducing transformation costs. While the foyer, gallery, bookstore, restaurant, cafe, public library and waterfront leisure spaces are hosted in luminous and light glazed volumes, the workspaces and living rooms for the temporary hosts are thought as prefabricated modules that are carefully positioned in the majestic concrete cylinders.

Jin Young Song
Ludovico Centis

Thomas Bittner (Photography)
Uros Vukovic
Matthew Rosen
Gary Chung