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Proposal for 2015 International Garden Festival

The bamboo poles propose a floating garden that leads to the experience of an unexpected garden whose floating condition becomes defined by the virtual surface that changes over time as the plants grow larger atop the bamboo poles. The visitor enters the garden through the permeable arranging of bamboo poles that modify their perception as the visitor walks towards the center. The top of the poles conform a virtual surface that descends towards the center of the garden and ascends towards the borders. As a result, the visitor eventually finds him/herself surrounded by a surface configured through the top ends of the standing poles, the borders being slightly taller that an average person. The experience leads to the consciousness of the self moving around the virtual surface of the lifted greenery in a process of introspection. The bamboo pole floating garden provides with the experience of a garden within a garden and the opportunity to concentrate on the surrounding surface that the pole tops configure around the visitor.

Team: Jin Young Song, Miguel Guitart and Tino Goo