The Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial
Six million drops fall in a day. Each drop is an individual, remembered amongst many. Each drop causes a ripple, affecting that which is beyond itself. Each drop is a tear of sadness and of hope. We envision the Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial as a place of experience, refl ection, meditation, commemoration, ceremony and education, rather than a monument or a symbol. It is a place of sanctuary; an intimate space where you meditate and observe the fall
of each drop, hear the drip of many drops, and watch the ripples of refl ected light. It frames the landscape, creating a place heightened natural beauty; each pool of water refl ects the sky, dunes, beach and ocean. It is also a place of solemnity. Each drop represents a life to remember but too often forgotten. Each drop falls in recognition of the victims of the holocaust, genocide, and inhumanity. Being witnesses to their falling makes us remember what we have lost and what we have learned.

Jin Young Song + David Gull




Concept sketch

Daytime rendering

Night time rendering