"QUBE 1" was selected by Architizer editorial team to be featured on the Source Products section!


Cute little things such as smart phones and tablets exemplify how we are connected to the culture we are living in. They are sporadically emerging and questioning our current mechanism of relating ourselves to the society. Empty mansions in the abandoned suburbs, huge ticket machines with tiny little screen at the subway station, exaggerated size of motor cycles which boast the loyalty, all of these are examples of the mechanism between the form our contemporary life is broken. Addressed to our living environment, overdesigned decorative furnitire or oversized geometric modern pieces obsessed with zen style fails to consider the compactness of current living style.

Qube as a meaning of ‘Cute + Cube’ suggest to be a catalyst, a little item to exemplify the holistic change of mechanism of your experience within living space. Life in contemporary city is extremely mobile and flexible. Wandering in urban nomad society, what we need in order to maintain the spatial need and quality is not the style of space, but rather new language of it. The need of mobility and flexibility creates Qube.

Qube is designed for not only for its artifacts quality, but also for the practical quality in the living. The use of material and space is at the maximum efficiency, but its appearance is mostly minimal. Then, Qube transforms the space when it is expanded. Qube is designed to create extra space when it is needed. Even though it may appear to be a cute little thing at corner of your apartment, Qube has the ability to change the atmosphere and space from an empty studio room to a crowded dining room for 5 people.

Team: Jin Young Song, Jae Jang and Hyeyeon Cho