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Twisted Field
We view that the garden experience is a harmonious interaction between object and field. Plants as objects attract us by their sculptural shape and color, imposed by life and nature. The objects create a field in which the people are a part of the space surrounded by objects. In certain scenarios, the field also becomes viewed and experienced as an object itself.

The twisted field wants to investigate this tension between the object and field by twisting the poles -objects- to create a unique spatial field that people can walk through and experience in different ways. The field creates mysterious alignments of openings, where it becomes an object when viewed from outside its perimeter. Approaching this field in different ways, people will see a continuously changing object while not showing the inside condition. Only upon entering the field, the objectivity of the field disappears and people discover the plants as objects within.

This association between object and field will create unique moments for the visitors while altering the traditional expectations of how to view and experience a garden.

Team: Jin Young Song, Bonghwan Kim, Brian Ravinsky