music: Sonata No. 1 - Movement 2 by Aaron Dunn, licensed under a Public Domain License.

Twisted Field 2.1
Sensation in both architecture and sculpture emerges from a harmonious interaction between object and field. While individual plants attract us by their shape and color as objects, the flower garden presents a field of sensations. The objects create a field with a specific mechanism, and in certain scenarios, the field also becomes viewed and experienced as an object itself. Therefore, our design objective is to explore the state between object and field, intentionally obscuring the boundary between the two.

Twisted Field 2.1 intends to investigate this tension between object and field by twisting an array of lines - objects - to create a unique spatial opening - a field - that people can walk through and experience in different ways. The field creates mysterious alignments of openings, where it becomes an object when viewed from outside. Only upon entering the field does the objectivity disappear, and people discover instead an undefined field.

Team: Jin Young Song and Bonghwan Kim(Structural engineer)